New supersized greenhouse is helping Lomond Foodbank feed individuals throughout the area

The greenhouse was contributed to the foodbank six months back and is producing plenty of fresh veggies to help feed people in the Vale.Lomond Foodbank is growing from strength to strength.

Thanks to a super-sized greenhouse which is producing a lot of fresh vegetables to assist feed individuals in the Vale. You can conatct to elite greenhouses professionals here.

The huge greenhouse was contributed to the foodbank volunteers six months back by Thomas Callaghan, manager of Loch Lomond Homes and Garden Centre.

Now well into spring, the greenhouse is assisting to feed lots of individuals in the Vale location each week.

Christina Logan of Lomond Foodbank said: The greenhouse was contributed last September so we never actually got the opportunity to grow much initially.

It’s all going fantastic now that were into spring time. We’ve got lots of things showing up now: garlic, green beans, turnips, carrots, cabbages, broccoli, cucumber and tomatoes. It’s great.

The community development trust has actually likewise simply built us raised beds too.

We’re actually pleased and we’re getting terrific assistance from Kevin Mason and the team at the Leamy Foundation. They helped us begin and have actually been up operating in the greenhouse regularly.

Lomond Foodbank has actually been giving out food parcels at St Mungo’s Church Hall in Alexandria for the past 18 months.

Advantages sanctions, zero-hour agreements, a depressed labor market and the rising cost of living remain to force people to rely on handouts.

Around 50 people attend Lomond Foodbank every Tuesday early morning from 10am till midday, which Christina says is a slight increase on this time in 2014.

Another base opened in Haldane in December however it closed last month due to a lack of numbers.

Christina stated: We were only getting a number of people coming in, which was not enough to justify keeping it open.

We are now concentrating totally on the foodbank at St Mungo’s Church hall.

a8It has made such a distinction, being able to provide individuals fresh fruit and vegetables instead of simply tins, tins, tins. Weekly I’ll go up to the greenhouse on a Monday, take what’s readily available and hand the vegetables out to people on a Tuesday early morning.

We also have a good deal established with Sloan’s Butchers in Alexandria where individuals can provide them a donation and they’ll add 10 percent to it.

That indicates we can provide people vouchers to go and purchase mince, sausages or whatever meat they like to accompany their fresh veg.

West Dunbartonshire Community Food share, which likewise helps people having a hard time to put food on the table across Clydebank, Dumbarton and the Vale, just recently marked its third anniversary.

Susan Kelly, project organizer, stated that need remains to increase three years on.

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