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Buying a used car is a big gamble. It is always associated with extensive checking and best negotiation skills. However, if you got the best deal, there are various benefits ahead.

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Here are the benefits that you are expected to avail from buying a used car:

Saves money

It is no secret that the prices of used cars are significantly cheaper than new cars. Getting the car that you like is possible due to a lower price.

No crazy fees

New cars tend to have hidden or extra fees such as delivery fee, dealer preparation, and shipping charges. You are not expected to encounter such fees if you choose to buy a used car.

 Lower costs

You are not expected to spend on add-ons and other charges. It may already installed or you may install it yourself to save money.

Used cars have undergone a thorough inspection. 

Car dealers are experts in checking and expecting a used car. Used cars have been refurbished, certified, and inspected by the manufacturer to ensure quality and condition. So, buying a second hand BMW from your local dealer is safe and worth it!


Hybrid vehicles use lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride batteries which damages the environment. Used cars are environment-friendly due to reduced carbon dioxide output. 

In conclusion 

Buying a used car is a wise choice as it saves money in terms of fees and add-ons. It is also better for the environment due to lesser carbon dioxide output. There is no need to worry about quality as it has been thoroughly checked, inspected, and certified by the manufacturer.

However, you must learn to watch out for hidden fees. Do NOT spend on unnecessary add-ons. (It will cost more!)

So, buy a used car now!

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Do you own a second hand Toyota? Are you planning to buy a used Toyota? If you own a Toyota or planning to buy one, you need to be aware of basic used Toyota cars maintenance to keep your vehicle running like new.

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Tips for Servicing Your Toyota

If you want to keep your used Toyota running well, regular maintenance should be done. As a vehicle owner, you must be aware of the basic maintenance and servicing work.

Moreover, a properly maintained vehicle has a longer lifespan, better mechanics, and is safer to drive. Many road accidents happen due to a poorly maintained vehicle.

So, if you want to ensure safety while driving your Toyota, service it properly! for more information on the Toyota brand click here.

Here are a few tips for servicing your Toyota::

Always check the engine

Conduct an engine check multiple times a year. Ask a professional to check the engine and to ensure its proper running condition. You can also ask for recommendations on how you can improve the condition of your engine.

Flush the transmission fluid

It is recommended to flush the transmission fluid regularly to prevent having to replace the entire transmission. If you do this trick efficiently, you will save a lot on transmission costs. It is also advisable to check the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to find out the prescribed time for flushing the transmission fluid.

Check your engine

You should regularly check your engine and perform an oil and filter change. The engine has to be lubricated and the air filter free from dirt to avoid engine failure.  Check your manual to find out the kilometre range for an oil and filter change.

Replace brake pads and fluids

Replace rusty brake pads and consider a brake fluid flush at least every year or as recommended by the car manufacturer. This can add to the longevity of your Toyota and also avoid contaminants which could lead to breakdowns. Too much wear and tear in your brake pad can lead to inefficiency and malfunction.

Pay attention to the steering and cooling system

Your cooling system should be flushed out every 3 years to prevent overheating. Additionally, your steering fluid must be flushed out regularly to maintain a good condition for your Toyota. Learn to diagnose problems in your steering or cooling system.

Use proper tires

It is important to use proper tires for every season for safety and so you can get the most of your Toyota car. Properly maintained tires can also contribute to fuel economy.  Check your tire threads regularly and replace them as soon as is necessary.  

In Conclusion

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Servicing your Toyota car regularly can help reduce maintenance costs and enable you to detect early damage. In that way, you can quickly find a car mechanic to fix it.

Regular servicing can boost the performance and fuel efficiency of your car. Research shows that regular servicing can contribute at least 10 to 15% to the fuel economy of your car.

A well-maintained car has a longer lifespan and is safer to drive!

So, service your car regularly!

A quick tip:

Be sure that all of the servicing and maintenance work on your vehicle is done by a qualified mechanic.

Also, adhere to recommended guidelines for maintenance and servicing.

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Are you looking for a second hand BMW in the Perth and surrounding area? Are you deciding on the best way to find a selection of quality BMW used cars? Reach out to Westside Auto Wholesale for used BMW cars.

Why Buy a BMW Second Hand

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BMW has long had a great name which has meant top-quality German style and efficiency. They make an excellent choice and you will be happy with their reliability and smooth driving experience.

Let’s take a look at some important questions about used BMW cars for sale in Perth…

Which used BMW cars should I look at?

There are a wide variety ofsecond hand BMWmodels available in the Perth and surrounding areas. This luxury German car manufacturer is one of the best-selling brands worldwide and supplies ultimate driving machines.

One of the best choices is the always popular BMW X5, which is a 4 x 4 SVU, 5-door wagon which comes with a wide choice of options.

There is also the sporty 3 series sedan which is a sleek choice which comes in various upgraded choices such as Luxury Line, M Sport, and Sport Line.

If you are looking for something powerful, there is always the BMW M series which is a turbo V8 range. Choices include the M3 sedan and the M6 coupe which both emphasize athleticism and power.

There are various other choices, but there will be a stylish and innovative second hand BMWchoice for everyone.

Where can I find the best selection of BMW used cars?

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There are some good deals for used BMW cars to be found from private sellers.

It may take some time making a selection and visiting all of the different sellers, and then organising mechanical inspections, but it is possible to find a good motor if you use some patience.

A more practical choice is to use a car dealership to find your second hand BMW. Using a used car dealer is more straightforward as you can look at various choices under one roof and make a decision there and then.

A car dealership is also likely to offer trade-in, easy financing options, professional mechanical inspections, and a government-mandated warranty.

A car dealership will have a professional sales team to answer all of your questions and make the whole process quick and stress-free.

It is possible to drive in with your old car, organise a competitive price to trade it in, choose a new vehicle, organise car finance and insurance, and drive away, all in a matter of hours. It is a simple and painless process!

Final Thoughts on BMW Used Cars in Perth

BMW cars will give you years of enjoyable top quality motoring. They come in various models and there is a wide selection of models available in Perth.

Westside Auto Wholesale has an extensive stock of top quality second hand BMW’s available for your inspection in our Perth showroom.

You can see what we have in stock on our webpage so that you can narrow down which models may interest you and look up the specifications and reviews online.

You are welcome to visit us at our warehouse and meet with our expert sales team who will be happy to show you the used BMW carswe have for sale and answer any questions that you may have.

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Buying a used car is considered to be the financially smarter option. Many people find the process of buying a used car to be nerve-wracking since they’re not sure if the car the can see is really worth the thousands of dollars they’re about to spend on it. Well, things can be less complicated when you know what to ask during the process. Here are questions you should ask the seller when buying a car. 

What’s the Vehicle History?

Every used vehicle has a history. Start by asking the seller about the kinds of maintenance and repairs he/she might have recently done. The seller should be willing to share information concerning the vehicle history from the day it was built. A question you shouldn’t forget to ask is whether or not the car has been involved in any accidents. What’s the car’s maintenance history? How much mileage does the car have? 

Ask for the vehicle identification number so you can be able to pull a Carfax vehicle history report. How frequent are the repairs? If the seller isn’t willing or doesn’t much about the vehicle they’re selling, that’s a red flag. 

Do you have the Title? 

Understand that you and the seller will have to do a title transfer after closing the sale. It’s, therefore, reasonable to ask if the seller has the title since this is what shows the car owner. You want to make sure the seller is not only the listed owner of the car but has paid off the car loan. The seller should be willing to provide you with any documentation you request for. They should be proud of the car they’re selling. 

Where do you take the car for Inspections?

In most cases, the seller or dealer will claim they’ve already had the car inspected by a mechanic. Well, if that’s the case find out where they had the inspection done. If you’re buying the car online, ask the seller if it’s okay for you to have the car inspected by your local mechanic so you can determine the condition of the car. 

Can my Mechanic Inspect the car Before In make my Final Decision? 

Even if the seller has had the vehicle inspected by his/her mechanic it’s not a bad idea to have a pre-purchase inspection by a mechanic you trust. Your mechanic may feel uncomfortable giving you a thumbs down or thumbs up. However, that shouldn’t stop you from asking his if the seller used quality or cheap parts. Be sure to also ask if the previous owner did a good job maintaining the car. 

Why are you selling this Car?

The seller might lie to you, but your goal is to determine whether the reason is personal or relative to the car. If they’re selling because the car has been spending more time in garage, has become old, or any other reasons related to the car, you might want to consider walking away. You don’t want to buy a car that’s been troubling the seller.

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