5 Questions to Ask Before you buy a Used Car

Buying a used car is considered to be the financially smarter option. Many people find the process of buying a used car to be nerve-wracking since they’re not sure if the car the can see is really worth the thousands of dollars they’re about to spend on it. Well, things can be less complicated when you know what to ask during the process. Here are questions you should ask the seller when buying a car. 

What’s the Vehicle History?

Every used vehicle has a history. Start by asking the seller about the kinds of maintenance and repairs he/she might have recently done. The seller should be willing to share information concerning the vehicle history from the day it was built. A question you shouldn’t forget to ask is whether or not the car has been involved in any accidents. What’s the car’s maintenance history? How much mileage does the car have? 

Ask for the vehicle identification number so you can be able to pull a Carfax vehicle history report. How frequent are the repairs? If the seller isn’t willing or doesn’t much about the vehicle they’re selling, that’s a red flag. 

Do you have the Title? 

Understand that you and the seller will have to do a title transfer after closing the sale. It’s, therefore, reasonable to ask if the seller has the title since this is what shows the car owner. You want to make sure the seller is not only the listed owner of the car but has paid off the car loan. The seller should be willing to provide you with any documentation you request for. They should be proud of the car they’re selling. 

Where do you take the car for Inspections?

In most cases, the seller or dealer will claim they’ve already had the car inspected by a mechanic. Well, if that’s the case find out where they had the inspection done. If you’re buying the car online, ask the seller if it’s okay for you to have the car inspected by your local mechanic so you can determine the condition of the car. 

Can my Mechanic Inspect the car Before In make my Final Decision? 

Even if the seller has had the vehicle inspected by his/her mechanic it’s not a bad idea to have a pre-purchase inspection by a mechanic you trust. Your mechanic may feel uncomfortable giving you a thumbs down or thumbs up. However, that shouldn’t stop you from asking his if the seller used quality or cheap parts. Be sure to also ask if the previous owner did a good job maintaining the car. 

Why are you selling this Car?

The seller might lie to you, but your goal is to determine whether the reason is personal or relative to the car. If they’re selling because the car has been spending more time in garage, has become old, or any other reasons related to the car, you might want to consider walking away. You don’t want to buy a car that’s been troubling the seller.


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